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To drive growth and profitability, our service offering is focused on one outcome; Putting the customer into the centre of your organisation.

Stand provides an array of approaches and frameworks to help clients translate customer insights into strategy, identify the commercial benefits, design new customer experiences, reposition the brand and redesign your operating model.

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our service philosophy.

We believe that the real customer insights are available from your customers and with a bit of innovation you can find new direction from the voice of your customers and build this into a unique position in the market.

We challenge our clients to throw out their company badges, drop the politics between siloed divisions and ditch all the special employee privileges that prevent them from seeing what customers actually experience.

Our approach has lead to some of the most unique market offerings in New Zealand and Australasia. We are proud that our clients are market leaders admired by their customers, shareholders and employees, such as Fletcher Building, Telecom, Hewlett Packard, and Federal Express.


our services

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Profiling and determining addressable, attractive markets.  Deep dive approach to find unmet needs and customer problems to solve. Generation of strategies based on meeting needs, offer differentiation, disrupting if required, and securing competitive advantage.


Exploring core, adjacent and transformational growth opportunities in a disciplined, structured way to nail down specific growth opportunities.

  Use of Stand Consulting’s Adjacency Growth Matrix and “lean innovation” to build a pipeline of prospects, then driving this into organic or acquisition based growth.




Mapping the customer journey using a “live with, work with” approach to uncover real-life pain points and hurdles, then reengineering  the customer offer to meet market expectations precisely.


  Converting deep-dive research into compelling and relevant value proposition with the aim of lifting share and net-promoter based loyalty.

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Working directly with entrepreneurs to take an idea or product concept and translate this into a multi-phased strategy that sets clear direction for a start-up team and helps secure funding. 


Stand will help secure establishment funds and put “skin-in-the-game” through on-going advisory and shareholding.