Stand is a management consultancy specializing in customer centricity – the integration of customer values with business strategy and execution.

Our philosophy is simple – those who continually align their business model to customer preferences will achieve price premiums, share growth, switching costs and a lower cost to serve.

We  STAND.for three key values:

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Be advocates of change, helping our clients to not settle for second-best and to drive ideas into action.

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Take responsibility for implementing our recommendations if required, not offering impractical advice or simply conceptual frameworks.

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Be known for pushing our thinking as our clients seek to create and “own” a unique value proposition and strategic position in the market.

our vision.

For our clients to lead their industries in growth and profitability and to be recognised by their customers as being easy and rewarding to deal with while bringing unique value in the products and services they offer.

our mission.

To be the best at helping our clients continually challenge their thinking and understanding of who their customer is and what drives them, then translate this insight into actions that result in customer preference and loyalty.